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In the same way it facilitates the supply of raw materials restaurant for the sector industrialise in the city, by its proximity to the Agricultural regions like the Eastern Plains. For all this, several multinational companies have established their operation regional there during the last few decades. Men afstanden til havnene mindsker de konkurrerende fordele for eksport af industrielle produkter. Det er så godt at de tjenester (inklusive telekommunikation og handel), er å få delaktighet i deltagelse mot industrien (MONEY, 2009). In 2005, consumables led to industrial production, followed by the intermediate and capital goods.

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Of de 248 duizendbedrijven die beschikbaar zijn in Bogota, 78% zijn gekoppeld aan dienstverlenende bijdragen 76% van de dienstverlening en 79%. Inden for væksten i denne sektor har man noteret sig udviklingen af ??restauranter, der skal grupperes mere og mere, så de udvikler strategiske punkter inden for byen, som har mange konkurrencer og anerkendelse af kunderne. centra of restaurants die zijn gegroepeerd in de T-zone en zijn nabij, in het park van de 93, en andere sectoren. According to Acodres, in 2004 was de distributie van sectoren van de 3.732.647 restaurants gegeven als well: De objectieve factoren zijn vastgesteld door de marktonderzoek van de restaurants in de buurt van mij, terwijl de subjectieve waarnemingen van de resultaten gevonden in de enquête. The location of the company will be the T-zone, due to its great recognition within the sector, thanks to the bars that exist within the area, the Shopping Centers Adding and Atlantis, the financial importance, among others, make the flow of people moves there are not only in the same sector but which are attended by people of all sectors. Af disse grunde, i tillæg til stratificering, vil virksomheden etableres i denne sektor.

Located in the locality, Zone T is a rather crowded by its wide range of restaurants and bars restaurants near me of different styles. It consists of two causeways. I bil kan du være i en av parkeringsparkene i nærheten. Du kan bruge de shoppingcentre Adding, Atlantis Plaza eller flere av parkeringspladserne offentlige i nærheden. If you prefer to take public transport you can reach the bus by the carreras7 or 11; or by get off at the station of the street 85 and walking by this up a few blocks to the east of the market share race 11 or getting off at the Portal Heroes (corresponding to 80th road) and walking along the 82 to the east.

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In dominates the socioeconomic class high: 45.8% of land parcels are or estrato6 and occupies the greater part of the urban area, local, 30.8% belong to the estates of stratum 4, the estrato5 represents 11.7%, 5.5%, applicable to estates of stratum 3, the 1.6% share of non-residential and 1.5% remaining corresponds to the estates of stratum. According to a report made by Alberto, consultant Acres, for the magazine AMANTELES in the year 2008, there were established 2,945 restaurants estrato5 and 1,636 stratum 6, with a market share of 37.6%, with an average size counted in chairs of 58 for restaurants estrato5 and 68.6 to restaurants in stratum 6. The average prices of the dishes are found to restaurants estrato5 in 14,660 and restaurants of stratum. The target market visit more for the company is comprised 88.3% equivalent to 107,804 people of the total population of the town, corresponding to people of strata 4,5 and 6, which have the purchasing power to make the purchase of the products.